Bio instead of metal sheet!

Come for the worldwide first biobutton

Buttons are likeable advertising media with a ”catching” effect. Nevertheless their life cycle is restricted. 80% are littered and they also consume limited resources. Therefore our biobutton is 100% biodegradable. New and unique!
  • Encourages the image of the company:
    Sustainability at a fair price
  • Protects our environment: 100% biodegradable,
    recyclable and CO2 neutral
  • Feels good:  natural haptics
    and top-quality looks

„After working in the international buttons market I have at last found a solution to replace energy- and waste intensive metal sheet buttons. My guidelines were 100% bio and protection of natural resources. After years of development the time has come: Our contribution for a better world. And it simply feels great!“
- Hannes Schmitz‚Ä®
  (owner and mastermind)

Look and see and test the biobutton!

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The revolution of the button market is on hand

Tin plate, plastic film and paper are the principal constituents of a button design, which haven`t  been changed essentially since its patent registration in the year 1896.

As Austria`s leading manufacturer Hannes Schmitz lines up to revolutionize the button market with biobutton effectively: We want buttons which are both good for the environment and the image of our customers.

Unique worldwide and 100% biodegradable

Our entire know- how and inventive talent have been incorporated into this new product. What seems so unimpressive and self-evident   needs a lot of development work and innumerable preliminary models in order to meet the requirements of our customers.

The biobutton is as tough as a conventional button, but only half as heavy. The fastening system can do without metal and so treats clothing with care. The structure which is similar to wood conveying  natural as well as organic haptics- can be imprinted in top quality as usual.

But even the most genious and most advanced product will disappear, if the market is not ready for it. Therefore we have conducted an extensive market survey and we have talked to decision makers personally.

The conclusion: 90% of our customers existing declared to change for biobutton immediately!

Trend- setting sustainability

More and more companies have imposed on themselves strict rules of ecological sustainability. Political parties and NGO`s don`t want to leave behind piles of rubbish of cheap advertising media.

Such an apparent and influential product has to indicate and carry the correct message that the company is aware of their responsibility for a healthy environment.

The development in our society towards high- quality ecological products is unstoppable. They are required by consumers who are willing to pay well for good quality.

After many years of research and development the time is right to switch to the biobutton.

“A year ago I heard about the processing of bio buttons. My only question is: When can I get them?"
- Fritz Meier

"It`s high time that within this area people start to think ecologically."
- Susanne Korte

Your decision!

In order to make it easier for you to decide for the application of the bio button , you will get a free  sample from us. You simply have  to hold the biobutton in your hands to realize that there is no alternative to it:

  • Environmentally sustainable
  • 100% bio- degradable
  • Top- quality

Make your contribution for a better world:

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